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Universal Engraver

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Small Size, Powerful Laser

Leave the large pricey Engraver behind and bring your engraver with you where you go. It’s the perfect tiny art studio you can bring wherever you go! Its 3000mW laser power makes it 3x faster and more powerful than any other portable engraver. It makes engraving on harder surfaces a breeze!

Metal Engraving

Thanks to the latest advances in semiconductor laser technology, our laser cartridge works on stainless steel directly, without pre-coating spray. It can engrave on titanium, dark glass, shale, brick, concrete, most varieties of colored anodized aluminum, and other materials. It even works on curved surfaces, like wine bottles

Preview and Engrave

Engrave your name on your wallet, laptop, smartphone case. It helps you take creativity with you wherever you go.  A portable laser engraver can be carried anywhere, it the perfect tool for your portable art studio

Built For Safety

  •  Laser Shield:  Built-in protective lenses means you don’t have to wear safety glasses or attach independent shields. We wanted to create something you can set up quickly without giving up on safety.
  •  Movement Protection: Using a sensitive 3-axis accelerometer for motion deception, it will notice an accidental movement during operating, and Wainlux will shut down immediately.
  •  Overheating Monitoring: Wainlux works in any environment with enough heat dissipation. If the inner temperature approaches its heat threshold, Wainlux turns itself off for user and device safety.
  •  Safe For Engraving Food: Laser engraving on the surface of food won't cause any chemical reactions and toxicity. With a low laser power, it's just burning the food surface. The food is 100% safe to eat.

One-Click Offline Engraving

The mobile phone or computer can work continuously in an offline state, and at the same time, the last pattern can be memorized and manually engraved. Easy to duplicate the engraving work or bulk work without re-setup. By including a One-Click Button for offline engraving, you can set it to engrave without a constant connection

Excellent Resolution

It outputs at a resolution of 500 DPI or 0.05 mm. That’s even thinner than your hair! In contrast to PWM control, our “realtime analog control” of laser power produces a wide range of gray tones. With this, your laser portrait is not only black and white.


Works on Any Surface

It helps you to engrave your design on almost any object. You can engrave your logo on fabric, leather, plastic, wood, and metal. Want to decorate your coffee, snacks, and fruits with emojis?! You can use this cool laser engraver to unleash your creativity on practically everything.

Smart Control

It allows you to control the device using a smartphone or laptop. However, if you like editing your designs and photos on a computer, there is a dedicated software to help you accomplish your tasks fast.

Wifi+USB Connection

You can also connect via USB to connect your Windows or Mac computer. Once connected you can edit your designs with our software, where you can easily transform your photos into a creative engraving

Engrave On Any Size

Thanks to its innovative rail and baseless design, it can engrave objects of any size so long as they are kept horizontally stable under the laser’s XY axis. Its 3000mw Laser Power Makes It 3x Faster And More Powerful Than Any Other Portable Engraver.

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